• Be-Fresh (Non-Fluoride Toothpaste) 100% Herbal

    Valecia’s complete care Toothpaste, with its rarer selection of herbal ingredients rich in antioxidant, it has been specially develop to make teeth & gums strong.

    Unlike many other Toothpaste valecia be-fresh its free of “FLUORIDE”, Parabeans, SLS, proplyn glycol & other synthetic additives, preservatives, artificial sweetener, or harsh abrasives. Its herbal ingredients like Shuddh Gairik, Shuddh Swarijikakshar, Cinnamon, Black paper, clove, neem etc.. gently clean the teeth without damaging the enamel.

    Its regular usage reduces plaque and tartar build up by killing harmful tooth decay causing bacteria and stimulating the growth of tooth protective, non-acidic bacteria remove stains, strength the enamel, helps prevent cavities inhibitors, hill sore gums reduce redness and inflammation and promote fresh breath.

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